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About Me

If you’re looking for a designer who understands the importance of designing for the end-user through conducting research and satisfying business goals over just making things pretty, then you're in the right place. Although aesthetics are great for that "WOW!" factor and help to establish credibility and trust in your customers, a good-looking website alone isn’t worth much if the end user can’t find what they’re looking for, or easily complete a specific process.


One of my greatest passions is using design to create the best possible experience for the end user. Whether it's improving the usability of a software product, or increasing conversions on a website, I enjoy using my creativity and experience in psychology, writing and design to come up with the best solution possible.

I currently work as a UX Designer for a medical-tech startup called ZenXmed. We're a small team of six: the founder (a cardiologist), plus 2 designers and 3 engineers. We're building a mobile-first platform that enables doctors to make informed treatment decisions for patients. Not only did I help to create the visual branding and website design, but I help to build the company from the ground up — from recruiting software engineers and medical contributors — to marketing and business development. What I love about working at ZenXmed is getting to work with extremely talented and smart team members on an important mission that will have global impact in helping doctors save lives, and how no day is ever the same.

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Before working at ZenXmed, I completed a stint as the principal Visual + UX Designer for SCC Northwest, an automotive accessories manufacturing company in Vancouver, B.C. I was responsible for revamping their corporate branding and marketing materials and their e-commerce retail website.

I also work on the side as an independent designer for my own company, Biju Creative, since 2011. I enjoy helping businesses from various industries to establish or revamp their visual branding, websites and social media. My experience running a business, learning about SEO, Google Analytics, trademark registration, business law, sales and marketing, contracts and negotiation, etc. has helped to make me a more valuable designer today. I'm not actively looking for contract freelance work, although if the right opportunity comes along, I'll consider it. I enjoy being able to focus on my craft and do what I was born to do — design.


After completing a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology from the University of British Columbia, I later obtained a second bachelor’s degree in graphic and UX design from Université Laval in Quebec City.

Cognitive psychology is especially important in the field of UX / UI design; an understanding of how people perceive, process and retain information lends itself well to the field of user interface design and communication materials.

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Currently, I’m taking courses in the Applied Web Development program at BCIT part-time to improve my front-end development skills. However, the learning doesn't stop there. In August 2015, Vancouver held its first international-level seminar on web design & copywriting, the Design & Content Conference (www.designcontentconf.com). It was jam-packed with informative and inspiring talks by the web industry's best, sharing their knowledge and insights. It was also exciting to be surrounded by designers and content strategists who had travelled from around the world to attend the event.

The conference started with a workshop on responsive design by the "Father of Responsive Design" himself, Ethan Marcotte, along with his business partner, Karen McGrane, the A Book Apart author of "Content Strategy for Mobile". Both speakers were exceptional, and I look forward to applying the new concepts and techniques that I learned to all my web design projects going forward. (Check back in a few weeks for my blog that will be discussing the highlights of the conference.)